My Mom's Best Anti-Aging Secret Tips For Looking Younger

My Mom's Best Anti-Aging Secret Tips For Looking Younger

Once you pass a certain age, you begin to be more conscious of yourself. I have always tried to take good care of my skin but it was only recently I realized how important it is to have an adequate anti-aging regiment. The skincare products we use should be of absolute best quality, containing only ingredients with proven properties.

Skincare, for me, is definitely a priority. And, when I think about aging, my perfect role model is my mother. She looks amazing for her age, and her skin is so beautiful. A loving mother, she has passed on her anti-aging regimen, and I am lucky for all of the tips offered to me. Curious? Just keep on reading!

How do I make my face look younger?

This is probably one of the first questions I asked her, as I began to be concerned with aging. She taught me anti ageing tips at home, and using a moisturizer every day was at the top of the list. Her advice was to choose a product that contained ingredients with anti-aging properties.

I did exactly as I was told and, soon, I could notice the results. My skin was perfectly hydrated and brighter, and even firmer. Fine lines and wrinkles were less visible, and everyone told me I looked more rested. All of these things came from a moisturizer, can you believe it?

For 20s to 40s and well beyond, you need to consider your neck as well, she told me. The skin in that area can exhibit signs of aging and a good moisturizer can improve its appearance effortlessly. Knowing the effect of the sun on the skin, she advised on using a moisturizer with integrated SPF. I now first apply this product and then my makeup, and it looks great.

How can I treat my aging skin naturally?

My mother was the one to introduce me to a wide range of home remedies, which were meant to help me improve overall appearance. She showed me how to make a natural face mask with avocado, to exfoliate my skin using strawberry puree or coffee grounds, and to use lemon slices to make blemishes less visible.

She also told me that dehydrated skin adds years to your face. This is when I began to use moisturizer, so as to avoid looking dull and tired. I knew that drinking water was just as important, so I made a conscious effort of setting a limit of at least eight glasses of water per day. Soon, I noticed that my skin had become suppler and even the texture had improved. I had smooth skin!

Following her advice, I included more natural anti aging foods in my diet, such as berries of various sorts, dark chocolate and avocados. I began to eat more fatty fish, nuts and leafy greens, and I discovered the benefits of citrus fruits. I looked for fruits and vegetables that were beneficial for the skin, and did my best to prepare healthy meals at home.

What is the best treatment for aging face?

There were several options which she presented to me. First, she drew attention to the fact that the skin around the eyes is quite delicate, requiring high-quality anti-aging products. She advised on using an eye cream with hydrating properties, applying it in the morning and again at night.

An anti-aging serum could help me make fine lines and wrinkles less visible, nourishing the skin at the same time. Among the best anti aging tips dermatologist offered to her, there was this: an aging face needs a strict skincare routine, with products adequate for one’s particular complexion.

Don’t forget about your lips, she offered another piece of advice. These are sensitive to the aging process, with laugh lines becoming visible as we begin to age. She instructed me to keep them moisturized, so that I look my best. I invested in a quality product, avoiding letting my lips become dry and dull.

And what about my hands? Sometimes, when the weather was cold and dry, they looked as if they belonged to an old woman. I began to use a rich moisturizer at her recommendation, and their appearance improved significantly. Soon, they were no longer dry, cracked or wrinkly, and I enjoyed their youthful aspect.

I consider myself to be lucky for having my mother around, and her telling me all about her skincare routine. Her advice was most welcomed, especially since I began to fight the aging process myself.

To look as young as possible, you need to have a regimen that includes quality anti-aging products. As you have seen, it is not difficult to take good care of your skin, keeping the aging process at a safe distance. Are you ready to give these tips a try as well? Good luck!

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